Grinnell lake is on the East side of Glacier National Park and is a 7.1-mile loop trail that is mostly level and good for all skill levels. The trail is one of the most beautiful in all of Glacier.

The trail begins at the south end of the Many Glacier Hotel. There is also a boat shuttle at Many Glacier Hotel dock that will take you across Swiftcuurent lake and Lake Josephine, and if you take the boat shuttle, you can reduce the hike by about 5 miles.

Before doing the Grinnell lake hike you will want to check that the suspension bridge has been put in place by the park, the bridge is usual installed about mid-June. You can check the status here

I would consider the Grinnell trail rated as easy, however part of the trail is also a horse trail so watch your step.
Once you arrive at Grinnell lake, look at the western shore and you will see Grinnell Falls, and at the top of the falls you can see a very small piece of The Salamander Glacier.
Grinnell Lake has a beautiful turquoise color that is a result of glacial slit that runs down the mountain and into the lake from Grinnell Glacier.

Keep an eye out for wildlife, we have seen moose at the lake several times. If you see a moose, keep your distance as they are very unpredictable, most times they are very docile and will mossy away oblivious to your presence, but other times they will charge you for looking at them funny.

When you get to Grinnell Lake, it’s a great spot to have lunch and soak it all in, the views are spectacular from start to finish.



Grinnell Lake
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